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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

     There is so much to tell. So much to confess.
     Even my best friends, the ones I have known here in Florida for fifteen years, don't know my whole sordid story. Some of my oldest friends, the ones that knew me when, the ones that are three thousand miles away, only know that somehow I made it through. But there are many more that probably think I'm deceased. After all, that is how I was listed in my high school alumni was an effortless assumption.
     Yes, I have something to say, something to tell you.
     This is an adventure story of sorts. A true tale about a constant search for Zen that carried me through scorching deserts and soppy rain forests, transported me over oceans and into hurricanes, and gave me the strength to pull myself up from the blackest of holes.
     This is my story.